Emma – ★★★✩✩ | Film Review

Before there was Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Match.com, there was Emma, the matchmaking girl from Jane Austen’s book played by Anya Taylor-Joy.

She does go about her business fitting up her friends with eligible bachelors whilst not even thinking about her own affairs.

Anything Jane Austen is going to scream period drama and charm and this film is no exception. Taylor-Joy plays the part well but in a film so far removed from my own personal tastes, it was fighting an uphill battle from a very early start.

But that’s not to say its a bad film. On the contrary. The only gripe I had was that the film was billed as comedy and part of me wanted much more in terms of laughs from the whole thing. It just fell short.
It’s cute and beautiful, with some of the best locational shots and costumes seen on screen.

Even the addition of Cineworld advert “Why do we go to the cinema? To Escape” guy, Johnny Flynn as George Knightley didn’t actually put me off as much as I thought it should have.

If you like this sort of thing, as most people in the cinema seemed to (they were all over the age of 50), then I expect it would score a solid 4 but I was impressed with it enough to give it a 3.

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