Dolittle – ★★★✩✩ | Film Review

Fantastical, colourful and magical are words which can be used to describe Robert Downey Jr’s Dr Dolittle.

Downey channels his inner Tom Jones as the Welsh Doctor who actually talks to the animals. That’s the story we all know and admire, but is this version any good?

The story revolves around a boy called Tommy (Harry Collett) who wants to be Dolittle’s apprentixe, and Lady Rose (Cartmel Laniado) who comes to tell Dolittle that the Queen is poorly and sends him on a quest to find the mysterious fruit of a tree that Dolittle’s late wife had been tracking that can save her life.

So off he sets with his army of talkative animals with some great voice acting from the likes of Octavia Spencer, John Cena and Rami Malek.

The story is a bit too fantastical though and what unfolds is an slightly above average adventure filled with peril and danger and over the top set pieces.

Kids will rate it higher but its only just above average for me.

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