Horror Month 12/31 – Escape Room (2017) – ★★✩✩✩

Its the other Escape Room film that’s not Escape Room, or indeed Escape Room

Escape Room (2017)

Earlier this year I saw a film at the cinema called Escape Room. When it was coming out and I said I was going, someone said to me “it’s already on Netflix, just watch it on there”. The one in the cinema wasn’t this one…thankfully.

This escape room is the story of a group of friends and a brother and sister mixed in there where one of the guys is having a birthday but he’s been having an affair with one of the other girls and his wife may or may not know about it and she’s booked them all onto an Escape Room and yeah…you know how this is going to play out.

Now I love an Escape Room, getting locked in and figuring out all the clues in order to escape in the hour. I have a fairly decent hit rate on escaping them as I write this and get how they work. Ever since I did my first one, I thought that it would make a half decent premise for a film. Trap some guys in a room, have it all go wrong.

Unfortunately, the only thing that seems to go wrong is the actual making of the films themselves, and this is no exception. Firstly, there’s some small buildup to the characters getting to the actual escape room. This time is literally only served to make you realise how unlikable every single character is, which unfortunately leads onto not actually caring what happens over the next 90 minutes.

Humphrey quickly sent a text to his agent asking him why the hell he was doing this film

Then we get to the Escape room itself. A three-room escape room where you have two characters more bothered about having sex with each other than escaping, then the odd dynamic between the main guy and the girl he has been cheating with.

Oh and it takes over an hour of the film for anything actually threatening to happen to any of them, by which point I really didn’t care.

The first deaths are completely unexplained, then there’s one character who has been completely stripped naked for no other reason than to titillate.

Its not a horrific film, it’s just not that good and feels like something that belongs in the depths of Netflix, which incidentally is where I found it anyway.

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